Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's the 'O' stand for?

It’s morning now, paper-boy early and I’m back at the folks’ place trying to capture the mood of the expo yesterday, I didn’t sit through a single session, it was all pitching all the time. My first meeting with Manheimer went well, I thought. She asked for my email address which I took for a good sign. I felt more loose for the second one with Cine LA, but didn’t stick it, got lost talking about myself (a bad habit of mine). I’m a writing narcissist, in love with the sound of my own scratching pen. I spent my youth listening to my mother tell stories, gossiping on the phone and it’s reflected in my story-telling. It’s like the truth but better. Which reminds me I overheard this guy talking about Freud…
“Freud had a primitive conception of the human mind. If I am going to understand how the human mind processes a film visually, I need to know…
(drowned out by buzzsaw noise. I was outside and there were construction crews setting up for the auto show).

“There is forgetting…”
(In new pen. Fuck, another pen bites the dust.)
This guy must be a filmmaker or cinematographer, he’s talking about Freud and working the viewer based on the views of psychology vis-à-vis Freud’s.

“Transferrence…Difficult moments cause defense mechanisms – there are 23. Freud’s daughter had a better grasp, vital…”

Baah…Gotta go.

4:00 Session
Again crowded. Sat outside (see Freud) wanted a cigarette, didn’t have on.
Victoria Wisdom – she looks like a skinnier Tracy Ullman. Stands up there after griping about not getting her apple juice and starts with:
“You all are writers and you’ve been talking about writers. I’ve got a different psychology…”
(No shit, she said ‘psychology’ – I think she used the word wrong, but still…)
“I make movies. You have to learn how to find opportunities.

(Something about an email from thee Dali Llama)

“Learn the rules so you can break them.”

Amen, sister. A-fucking-men.

Then I have a bunch of notes trying to incorporate what she was talking about into my Gone Postal story, which I don’t have to go into here, you can see how it looks now, here: http://

To summarize her session(s) (because I stuck around for her next one, as well), they kicked ass. I totally reworked my pitch, it was the most insightful and practical sessions I’ve gone to so far. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Howard Allen and Mark Sevi, they were really good at teaching the craft, but you can write the best script in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell it, you got a popcorn fart.

Ugh, it’s now 6:44 in the am on Saturday and I’ve got twelve hours before I write in the semi-finals of the CS-Open scene-writing competition.

I’m feeling kind of sick, I threw down two naproxen on top of four cups of coffee at 5 in the morning, and I’m no mathematician, but that’s an ugly equation not even quantum mechanics can solve.

That’s OK, I made some sausages, all will be well soon, don’t you fear, no don’t you fear little belly, you’ll have pork product soon, that’s a good boy, who’s a good boy…

cursor flashes
cursor flashes
cursor flashes
fuck you, flashing curser

gotta run...

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