Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday the Fourteenth

Fuck me, but that was grueling, CS-Open scene-writing contest. It reminded me of taking a final when I was at Berkeley; long tables, an empty blue book, You get a question you have no idea how to answer so you gotta make shit up. Being a slacker in college, missing classes and then going into the final blind prepped me well. 1:45 first pitch, Manheimer – mafia, heist neo noir, dark comedy
2:05 Cine LA international locations, thrillers

Perfect for Gone Postal
It’s a political thriller with the sensibilities of The Daily Show
Think drunk James Bond meets Hitchcock’s accidental hero in North by Northwest.

Hapless loser (Luke Wilson) works the night shift at the Post Office, he and his buddy (Wyatt Cedak) steal the junk mail and sell it as recycling to get beer money.

It gets out of hand, all the post offices in the Northwest start doing it, attracting the attention of the mobster who has amalgamated recycling into his waste management business. Marco, who is really a Jewish kid from the suburbs fashioning himself as a Mafioso, blackmails them into using the USPS distribution network to run drugs and guns. To extricate themselves they turn to a man who is masterminding the secession of the Western States of America.

Johnny Boston is trained (a la Sarah Palin) to be an emissary on a diplomatic mission to Korea in search of international allies for the new WSA.

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