Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Morning and I'm running late

So, the semifinals of the CS-Open scene-writing contest was held at 7:00 PM last night; I'm not making excuses (OK, I am making excuses), but that is not usually my time of peak performance. I tanked.

I attempted a scene with a high degree of difficulty, a veritable Triple Lindy of literary acrobatics. The premise was something like: your protagonist double-crosses his ally and his ally is double-crossing him. I tried to stage it in a 2nd Grade classroom where two boys attempt to cheat in order to win some unknown prize. About midway through the hour and a half, I realized I'd written myself into a dark corner and was well and truly fucked.

I decided to have the boys speak as Shakespearean actors in juxtaposition to the condescending tone of Miss McGonagal their teacher. A problematic child named Nadine ( runs out of the classroom giving our boys the chance to conspire.

It was a bad idea poorly executed.


Now the Australians are mucking around, hungover and stinky. I'm going to have to say farewell and drive myself cuz they're never going to rally. Blistering drunk last night after my trainwreck of a scene.

I've got a 10:35 pitch with Bold Films and I'm not feeling terribly bold. At least we're in the AM, though, which is nice.

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