Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting here, Part I

So, I got loaded the moment the wife dropped me off, beers on the ferry, beers at the Pioneer Square Saloon, it was reverse commute. I love drinking going east, and west, oh, who am I kidding, I love drinking. I go to Hotel 1000 and have a happy hour Guinness at BOKA just cuz it was so fucking unnecessary, peel the labels off the lemons in the bowl before me, placing them on the plastic shielding my ID...purity purity purity purity…

The SDMA meeting was fun, we’re going broke and need desperately to bring in some money, I suggested a Holiday Party for the Unemployed. You’ve been canned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Had a few drinks with Cynthia and I bolted for the airport, got lost, somehow missed the bus tunnel, walked back to the one before Benaroya Hall, but missed the last ride to the airport by 4 minutes. Had to go wait in misty Seattle rain on Second until the 7:05 194 which got me to the airport 20 minutes late for an earlier flight. Baah.

Had my corkscrew confiscated at security, a beer and bacon cheeseburger, then a seat between a guy from Mexico who’d moved to Alaska, and a guy from Alaska who’d moved to Mexico. Miniature tennis match head movements. “I’ve never lived in Alaska or Mexico,” I offered, trying to participate. I passed out until the beer cart came round.

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