Friday, November 14, 2008

In Glendale

It's the morning of Day 2 and I have a bunch of notes from yesterday, but my brother-in-law is coming to pick me up in 38 minutes and I don't know if I can type them up in time. In short, I went to some great sessions. With the nagging suspicion that this thing might be a rip-off, I had fairly low expectations, which might have something to do with my positivity (?).

Sorry, I'm typing this on my mom's computer which is unfortunately situated in the path of the rising sun. Damn sunlight causing horrible glare. I can't work under these conditions!

A woman named Wisdom shed some light on the pitching process and I think I've honed Gone Postal. It's a Political Thriller with the sensibilities of The Daily Show. A drunk James Bond as Hitchcock's accidental man in North by Northwest. Good vehicle for Luke Wilson with Wyatt Cenak as his partner in crime.

LA is beautiful today, the Santa Anas have blown away the smog, San Gabriels pasted against blue sky and I'm reminded why so many people love living here. One chucklehead in UCLA garb talking to another chucklehead in USC garb talking Pac-10 football in front of me in line at Starbucks reminds me of why I didn't and wouldn't. And apparently Santa Barbara's on fire.

OK, no more, I have to get out of the light, this is killing me. The combination of a wine hangover and this glare are not two great tastes that go great together. No, I don't know what that means. Ugh.

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