Thursday, November 13, 2008

Before the sessions started

Guy walking by whistling the Looney Tunes tune.


I should probably not need to say when I’m telling the truth or not. Before I left Galaxy Café I heard this from the same guy who interrupted me and who was now interrupting some poor woman who’d been typing. blah blah

“I’m happy, I just finished my treatment.”
“Oh, yeah, what’s it about if you don’t mind my asking, don’t want to steal your idea.”
“Oh, no problem, ideas exist in space, I’m manifesting mine in a script.”
“So, what’s it about?”
“It’s a historical drama, a Western.”
“So, it’s based on real events?”
“Yes, a character named Charlie Parkhurst.”
“Charlie Parker, I know Charlie Parker, let me tell you about Charlie Parker…”
“No, not Charlie Parker, Charlie Parkhurst, Charlie Darkie Parkhurst.”
“But Charlie Parker was a jazz musician, I thought you said it was a Western. I know jazz…”
“Right, no. It is a Western, Charlie Darkie Parkhurst was a stage coach driver…”

I stood up, gave her a smile and tried to sneak into the speakers' green room, got kicked out now I’m scrawling this atop a trash can.

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